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1 Million Euro Ferrari F40 GTE FIA Champion Up for Sale


Originally built to F40 GT specs, the racecar was later converted to GTE specs with 620hp.

Rare Ferrari collectors should take note: a 1992 Ferrari F40 GTE, one of just seven models built, is currently being offered for sale via Ferraris Online. Serial number 94362 is one of two F40's to win the FIA Championship, built to F40 GT spec by Michelotto and raced by the Jolly Club team in the 1993 Italian GT Championship where it finished sixth overall, and in 1994 when it finished first piloted by Vittorio Colombo. Whilst a racing car its 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 managed 560hp.

This was more than enough power for the 1,050kg F40 GT to handle, while oversized Brembo brakes, evolved from the F40 LM, ensured it had adequate stopping power. Michelotto later converted the car to F40 GTE specs, fitting larger wheels to fill out the wider carbon-fiber body, while carbon-fiber was used to further reinforce the chassis. Output grew to 620hp, weight increased by 50kg, and even bigger Brembo brakes were installed. Having changed hands a few times, the car is once again up for sale and comes with documented racing history as well as spare wheels, shocks and wheel nuts. Asking price is a cool 1,095,000 Euros.

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