$1 Million Lexus LFA II Rumored to be in the Works

The LFA’s successor will have vastly improved performance and be significantly more expensive. Allegedly.

After a decade of development, when the Lexus LFA finally broke on the scene it became an instant icon for the brand and while undoubtedly a supercar, packing a 552hp 4.8-liter V10, it was widely criticized for its hefty $375,000 price tag. That said the Japanese automaker had no problems selling the 500 units they made. According to a "well-connected source" of AutoGuide, Lexus will continue to redefine the upper echelons of Japanese supercars and join its European elite counterparts with a successor to the LFA.

They also say it will have significantly higher performance and be vastly more expensive, with a one-million-dollar price tag touted. Its exclusivity will be assured with only 100 units to enter production. Following the unveiling of the LF-LC concept at the Detroit Auto Show earlier in the year, talk of a production model began to stir. Given this latest bit of gossip one has to assume this could be the car being discussed; although production talk of the LF-LC had previously centered on a car that would have a more accessible price and production volume than the LFA. In short, this rumor has to be taken with more than a pinch of salt until we get some hard facts from the automaker. Photos displayed are of the LF-LC Concept and 2012 Lexus LFA.

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