10 Automakers Car Buyers Need To Avoid Like The Plague

Unless you like visiting the mechanic/are a mechanic.

If you’re in the market for a new car then you might want to pay close attention to the results of the recently released 2015 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study. The study measures problems encountered during the first 90 days of ownership. The breakdown is problems per 100 cars, with the industry average sitting at 112. Anything above 112 is bad, and as you’ll soon see some automakers easily blew by that number. So, what automaker claimed the top spot this year?

The 2015 crown of shame belongs to Fiat, which came in at 161 problems per 100 vehicles. Fiat was joined by Chrysler on the list at No. 3, which jumped from 111 problems per 100 vehicles in 2014 to 143 in 2015. Jeep took the fifth spot, which means FCA has some serious explaining to do. Foreign automakers clogged the list as well, with Volkswagen grabbing the No. 10 spot with 123 problems per 100 vehicles and Land Rover coming in at No. 6 with a score of 134/100. The complete top 10 is below. No. 1 Fiat. No. 2 Smart. No. 3 Chrysler. No. 4 Subaru. No. 5 Jeep. No. 6 Land Rover. No. 7 Mitsubishi. No. 8 Acura. No. 9 Scion. No. 10 Volkswagen.

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