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10 Automakers That You Can Count On Not To Suck

These are the supposed best of the best.

The other day we brought you a list of the 10 automakers that, well, don’t exactly have very good track records. According to J.D. Power, Fiat is the least dependable automaker. But what’s at the opposite end of the spectrum? Which brands excel in dependability, have the least number of problems, and are overall very reliable? Today’s list consists of the 10 most reliable automakers based on a study conducted over a three year period, beginning with 2012 models.

So if you’re in the market for a new car or wonder why yours may happen to suck, the answer may lie ahead. The top are listed in descending order. 10. Chevrolet (123 problems per 100 vehicles) 9. Scion (121) 8. Mercedes-Benz (119) 7. Lincoln (118) 6. Porsche (116) 5. Honda (116) 4. Cadillac (114) 3. Toyota (111) 2. Buick (110) 1. Lexus (89)

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