10 Automakers You Can't Depend On According To Owners

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Read this before buying.

Information like this matters whether you're looking to buy a new or used car. Of course you want the automaker itself, not only the specific model, to have a good track record of dependability, reliability, and service. But how can you single out the good from the bad? That's where J.D. Power comes in. It has just published its 2015 Vehicle Dependability Study. Not only is information on cars gathered, but also on the carmakers themselves. This survey, dating back to the 2012 model year, monitored brand dependability after three years of service.

A total of 34,000 owners provided feedback. So what are the least dependable automakers according to those owners? Here are the top 10 ranked from bad to worse. 10. Volkswagen (165 problems per 100 vehicles) / 9. Chrysler (173) / 8. Volvo (174) / 7. Ford (188) / 6. Hyundai (188) / 5. Dodge (192) / 4. Mini (193) / 3. Jeep (197) / 2. Land Rover (258) / 1. Fiat (273)

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Source Credits: www.jdpower.com

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