10 Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas For The Car Enthusiast In Your Life


These are the presents that we would love to receive.

When deep down all they really want is a new car, buying a gift for that car enthusiast in your life is not an easy task. As putting a new set of keys under the tree is patently not possible each year, if ever, we've collated a few of the latest automotive-themed gifts for the car enthusiast in your life: ten items that we would love to receive as gifts on all budgets, ranging from just $3 to over $24,000. There's something for everyone here, from stocking stuffers to big presents.


1. Lamborghini speakers: We start off with the iXoost Esavox, by far the most expensive gift on this list. This incredible bluetooth speaker is made from genuine Lamborghini parts such as exhaust pipes. It costs around $24,000, so it might almost be better to just buy a car instead. 2. A scale model or Lego set: It may not be as good as the real thing, but car enthusiasts will often appreciate having a nice diecast or Lego version of their favorite car. Most of these are very affordable, but there are some exceptions like the $10,000 Bugatti Chiron scale model.

3. Amazon Fire TV Stick and Prime: Ask any car enthusiast what their favorite show was last year, and they probably answered Top Gear. Now, the trio who made Top Gear has moved to Amazon Prime to start a new show called The Grand Tour. The show has been spectacular as expected, and can only be streamed with an Amazon Prime account which costs $99 for the year. The Fire TV stick is $39 and will stream the Grand Tour onto the television. 4. Radar detector: Being caught speeding sucks, so a nice radar detector is a great gift for a car enthusiast. Prices vary significantly so this gift can fit many budgets.

5. Forza (with an Xbox One): For a car enthusiast without a car, there is no better gift than a Forza racing game. This gift will require an Xbox One, which can now be picked up for around $250. Any of the Forza games will allow players to drive a ton of awesome cars and satisfy that car enthusiast itch. 6. Porsche desk chair: While not as expensive as the Lambo speakers, the Porsche office chair is just as awesome. Porsche will actually sell an office chair that is made from the seat out of a 911. It does cost $7,000, so isn't the most affordable novelty gift. Still, we would love to sit and get work done in an actual Porsche seat.

7. Gear stick keychain: Those who were waiting for the cheap option can now let off a sigh of relief. The gear stick keychain can be purchased for as little as $3, and is a great little present. The keychain mimics a gated manual transmission that actually shifts, which is a ton of fun to play with. 8. A new headunit: New cars come with amazing connected features like Android Auto and Apple Car Play. However, updating an old car with one of these systems is as easy as getting a new head unit. There are tons of options out there that will add a nice dosage of tech to any old car.

9. A car detail: Who doesn't love having a clean car? One great way to surprise a car enthusiast for the holidays is to have their car detailed. A certificate is always nice, but it would also be clever to ask to borrow the car to "run errands" and have it detailed while they aren't expecting it. 10. Exotic driving experience: One of the best gifts to give a car enthusiast is an exotic driving experience. This will give them the chance to drive the car of their dreams like a Ferrari or Lamborghini. These packages can be purchased for as little as $99 on sale, and make the perfect memory for a car enthusiast.

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