10 Cars Americans Aren't Buying And Not All Of Them Suck

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Numbers don't lie.

There are many reasons why certain cars sell and others don't. Automakers and industry analysts consistently conduct studies trying to figure out why. It usually comes down to the right car with the right packaging at the right time. According to 24/7 Wall St. and USA Today, the following 10 cars spent the highest average number of days on dealers' lots in 2014 before they were sold. Now, two cars in particular are much more expensive and rare than the others, both of which are factors that need be taken into account.


The data itself comes from Kelly Blue Book, which also provided last year's unit sales and MSRP amount for each USA cars. 10. Cadillac ATS. Days in inventory: 138.1 2014 Sales: 29,890. MSRP: $33,215/ 9. Kia Cadenza. Days: 138.8 Sales: 9,267. MSRP: $35,100/ 8. Volvo XC90. Days: 139.5 Sales: 3,952. MSRP: $48,900/ 7. Fiat 500L. Days: 140.1 Sales: 12,413. MSRP: $19,195/ 6. Cadillac XTS. Days: 144.6 Sales: 24,335. MSRP: $44,660/

5. Buick Verano. Days: 144.7 Sales: 43,743. MSRP: $23,380/ 4. Infiniti Q60. Days: 158.3 Sales: 7,740. MSRP: $40,950/ 3. Cadillac ELR. Days: 158.6 Sales: 1,310. MSRP: $75,000/ 2. Nissan GT-R. Days: 169.9 Sales: 1,436. MSRP: $101,770/ 1. Honda Insight. Days: 170.7 Sales: 3,965. MSRP: $18,725

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Source Credits: www.usatoday.com

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