10 Cars That Are Supposedly Perfect For College Grads With New Jobs

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Welcome to adulthood. Enjoy.

Congratulations to the class of 2015 on your college graduation. You've worked hard over the past four, ok, five years (maybe six?) to earn that coveted bachelor's degree. If you're lucky, you've already landed your first post-college job. Welcome to the working world; it might kind of suck at first until that first paycheck arrives. So now you're going to need a reliable and affordable set of wheels to get you through that morning commute and back home again every day. Because you're making decent enough bank you can afford something nice but affordable.


What are a few solid choices? Auto Trader has compiled a list of 10 new cars it sees as fuel efficient, well designed, and fun to drive. What do you think of the selections and their base prices? Buick Encore: $24,990 - Chevrolet Trax: $20,995 - Honda Fit: $16,470 - Nissan Versa Note: $10,005 - Mazda3: $17,765 - Jeep Renegade: $18,990 - Fiat 500: $17,825 - 2013 Toyota Camry (Certified Pre-Owned): $19,188 National Average - 2014 Ford Fusion (CPO): $19,712 - 2012 Lexus IS (CPO): $27,690

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