10 Cars You Need To Avoid If You Don't Want To Die


Consider yourselves warned.

Nobody wants to own and drive a car or truck that’s unsafe. There’s no reason whatsoever to explain why. But which cars and trucks are the most dangerous ones out there? When were they built? The following 10 cars, according to a long-term Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) study and cheatsheet.com, have some of the highest number of deaths per million registrations. All registrations were between 2005 and 2008 and only counted the death of the driver and no passengers. In other words, be wary of these used vehicles:

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The Chevrolet Colorado Extended Cab 2WD pickup truck recorded 93 deaths per million registrations. The majority of these deaths involved crashes with no other vehicle.

The Nissan Versa came back with 96 driver deaths per million registrations. Like the Colorado, most of these fatalities were the result of single-vehicle crashes.

The Hyundai Tiburon is also a potential death trap. It actually tied the Nissan Versa above with 96 fatalities per million registrations.

Back during the days of "Old GM," the Chevrolet Malibu was not the car it is today. The IIHS found that 99 per million registrations of the Malibu sedan resulted in driver deaths. This staggering number may be partially due to the fact the old Malibu was popular among rental fleets.

Remember the Kia Spectra wagon? Perhaps it’d be best to sell it if you still have one. Spectras were found to have 102 drivers die per million registrations. What’s more, a majority of these, 63 per million, were actually multiple car-crashes.

Think full-size pickup trucks are always safe? Think again. The Nissan Titan Extended Cab was found to have 111 drivers die per million registrations.

Is there something up with older Chevys here? Apparently so. We all know the old Cobalt, perhaps most famous for its role in the GM ignition switch debacle. Turns out the Cobalt itself is also a debacle: Cobalt sedans had a death rate of 117 drivers per million registrations. Like the old Malibu, however, the Cobalt was also popular in rental fleets, which likely played a factor in the stats.

Really, Chevy. This is just getting ridiculous. This time it’s the four-door Aveo. The thing is a death trap. 119 driver deaths per one million registrations happened. The study also showed that smaller cars are the most dangerous for drivers; SUVs were the safest.

And there are a few pickup trucks that should be avoided. And, low and behold, it’s the Nissan Titan again, this time the 2WD Crew Cab variant. Its sad score: 126 driver deaths per one million registrations.

Now, this one hurts a bit because we happen to love this car. The Nissan 350Z recorded a disturbing 143 deaths per million registrations. 90 of those deaths happened in single-vehicles incidents.