10 Cars You Won't See In The US In 2017


Some we'll miss, others we'll forget about by February.

We’re seeing lists aboutdiscontinued models in the US for 2017 pop up, so we decided to take a closer look. It's a pity about some of them, but others wereso inconspicuous that we thought they were gone already. First off, the 2-door GTI. At the Alltrack launch the product manager mentioned that production was ending soon even though there was a demand, but it's not known which variant is in demand. VW's EOS is gone too, that's because no one wants them, leaving the Beetle as the only open top VW to buy.

The iconic Dodge Viper is one of manyDodge cars dropped for 2017, but the fan-favorite is pricey and less than were 300 soldin 2015, making it inevitable. Hyundai's Genesis Coupe also leaves us and there will bea replacement, but not under the Hyundai banner because Genesis is now it’s ownseparate brand. The revamp will be called the Genesis G80. The Volvo S80 has taken toolong to get a makeover, but the flagship model will return as an S90. Chrysler's 200 sales dropped by half between November and Jan '16 so FCAannounced a prolonged shutdown of the plant, effectively phasing the car out. The Dodge Dartsuffers a similar fate as it's been announced that production ends before the year does.

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There will be no new Honda CRZhybrids coming over anymore. Being unpopular, impractical, weird looking, and thirstier than a hybrid should be comes with a price: extinction. There's apparently a fair bit of stock left to move, so keep an eye out for bargains if the CRZ is your jam. Buick is on track to sell less than 27,000 new Veranosin the States, which is reason enough for the chopping block. The hybrid Cadillac ELR is set to leave and never return, possiblybecause the launch price was almost double that of the Chevy Volt. Futuristiclooks and a great interior just weren’t enough to bring in sales, Cadillac soldjust 2,697 ELRs in the US in just over two years. Pour some out or celebrate accordingly because the hand of change has spoken.