10 Insane Facts About Donald Trump's New Armored Limousine

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With one of the most tumultuous elections having come and gone, the president's Beast helps keep things from going south.

President Trump came into office with the lowest approval rating of any modern president, and given the controversy the man has sparked during his first week in office (in both the auto industry and the world as a whole), it's safe to say that he needs a team of stellar secret service agents to get him from point A to B without coming into harm's way. He also needs a very safe car in which to travel, and thanks to GM, there's a brand new version of that in the White House driveway.

Not long ago we learned that Trump was going to get a new limousine upon entering the White House, but now we have a bit more information on just what makes it tick. Not surprisingly, the gadgets and sheer level of ingenious armor placed on the Beast make it one of the safest cars on Earth, but it's only a part of what keeps Trump cocooned inside of his mobile safe space.

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The other part of the effort comes from the engineers, designers, secret service, and surrounding cars in the motorcade. The years of development prior to putting the Beast into production is only the first step of the process, with another crucial factor being the highly trained driver that must be able to maneuver the Beast around obstacles and dangerous situations. Last but not least is the Gatling gun embedded in one of the SUVs in the motorcade, giving any would be assassins an additional deterrent. Love him or loath him, the Beast and its secret service helpers keep democracy in line.

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