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10 Minutes Of McLaren Ownership Got This 600LT Owner In Trouble


That’s all it took.

There’s really not a more basic way to describe the McLaren 600LT other than to say it’s one hell of a car. Between its top-mounted fire-breathing exhaust and the way it can use its agility to give a driver the utmost confidence when a corner is on the horizon and the throttle is still pinned, the 600LT is simply a visceral machine that encourages those behind its wheel to explore the limits.

Unfortunately, there’s a time and a place to explore those limits, and public roads are neither of them. A 39-year-old Canadian man learned that the hard way after he was caught speeding in a brand-new 600LT and was caught by Vancouver police.

According to CTV Vancouver, officers pulled over the man after he sped by in his 592 horsepower supercar at 161 kph (100 mph) in a 90 kmh (55 mph) zone. Upon pulling him over, police realized that not only was the car fairly, it was new enough that they likely nabbed him while he was taking the car on its virgin run. Apparently, he had only bought the 600LT and left the dealership 10 minutes prior to getting pulled over.

"While the officer was conducting the investigation, the driver allegedly stated that they had just left the dealership after purchasing the vehicle, 10 minutes prior," West Vancouver police said in a news release.

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In accordance with Canada’s penalties for excessive speeding, the police called in a tow truck to pick up the car and sent it to an impound lot, where it will stay for a week. The driver, miraculously, was not arrested and was instead given a speeding ticket of $368 Canadian dollars, or $280 USD.

Once he gets his car back, this McLaren owner will hopefully take it easy on public roads lest he gets caught again and has his car impounded for 30-60 days, in which case he’d have to pay around $1,200 CAD or $915 USD in storage fees in addition to the new ticket. Those aren’t outrageous sums for someone who can afford a $256,500 supercar, but maybe the prospect of being separated from his beloved 600LT for a month or two will be enough of a deterrent.