10 Of The Best And Worst Snacks You Can Eat While Driving

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Warning: This article will give you the munchies.

I don't know about any of you, but I must always quench a case of the munchies as soon as possible, meaning immediately. Fortunately, America has given itself and the world at large an abundance of fast food burger joints, pizza places, coffee shops, and food trucks. Why bother going home to eat? But what you don't want is a messy kitchen in your car. So here are five of the best and five of the worst foods to eat in your car while going about town or during your next great road trip.

The Best: A well-wrapped, modestly sized burrito. Vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores alike can devour these luscious soft tortillas stuffed with whatever the hell they want. The key, obviously, is to make sure it's wrapped tightly otherwise, well, it could explode. That'd suck for you and your car.

Muffins and cupcakes. Sure, there may be a few crumbs but nothing a Dustbuster can't suck up in a matter of seconds. Handheld baked goods rule. Breakfast biscuits. Because bacon. Because sausage. Because they easily fit in one hand. And don't forget the cheese. (We prefer cheddar). Sushi rolls. Sometimes called cones. Doesn't really matter because you can get your sushi fix behind the wheel, too. Beef Jerky. The one. The only. The greatest road trip food. Ever. You can never go wrong here. Vegans and vegetarians? You guys are covered too. Yes, meatless jerky is now a thing.

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The Worst: A hot cup of coffee. I'm not talking about any old cup, but a massive Starbucks-sized El Mucho Grande. Imagine the lid isn't on properly. What if you drop it? You'll get burned and probably lose control of your car. All because you had to get that El Mucho Grande, or whatever the hell it's called. Hamburgers. Think about the last time you ate a burger. Unless it was one of those mini-burgers, you probably required both hands to scarf it down. Plus, toppings fall out. If you're not driving a fully antonymous vehicle, hamburgers and driving physically don't mix.

Jelly and cream-filled donuts. Don't know about any of you, but I like my jelly donuts oozing with jelly. One bite and that goodness could come shooting out. Ice cream. Do you really need an explanation? Tacos. Goes in one hole, comes out the other. In between, half of it ends up on your lap.

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