10 Of The Best Street Legal Race Cars The World Has To Offer


Consider this a look into what this space offered before the AMG Project One was unveiled.

It's all the rage nowadays for an automaker to try and build the fastest car possible without eroding the machine's daily drivability. There are a few reasons for this. One is that who on Earth doesn't want to putt around town in a 727 horsepower McLaren P1 GTR defying convention and bringing the eyes of young future gearheads to light by daring to be different? Another is that without the ability to get groceries, a multi-million dollar supercar effectively just becomes an expensive toy.

That means it's not the easiest purchase to justify to the S.O. Automakers know this and they know it well, which is why these ten have put in the extra hours ensuring that their cars can race around the track at record-setting speeds while adhering to all the strict regulations that keep our public roads safe.

On this list you'll see the same usual suspects: Ariel, McLaren, Radical, BAC, Ultima, quite a few obscure automakers, and even an appearance by America's own Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus and its SCG 003. The unfortunate thing about these track cars is that in theory they can be driven on surface streets without getting impounded, but in practice you're more likely to see one in an impound lot than on the actual roads. Most of these are still expensive and so impractical to drive around town that owners don't want to go to the trouble. Guess we'll keep waiting for the Mercedes-AMG Project One to pop up.

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