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10 Questions That Shrink The US Auto Industry To 100 Cars


If there were only 100 models out there, this is what our roads would look like.

Speaking, thinking and dreaming about the American automotive industry as much as we all do, it's easy to get lost in the impression that every car is a one-off hypercar, every pickup a special edition dune monster and every crossover – well, they're just crossovers. But what if we took a look at the bigger picture, zooming out and condensing the entire local car industry into 100 representative cars? With 10 simple questions, this video shrinks the market to give us a better look at what we've really got.

The infographic looks at the type of vehicle and manufacturer, asks whether it's new or used, looks at the best-selling brands, pits domestics vs imports and standard vs luxury, looks at the car's color and whether it is purchased or leased and at its fuel type and transmission.

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