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10 Special McLaren 570S Coupes Revealed Inspired By Racecars

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And they were all commissioned by a single US dealership.

McLaren's special works division, dubbed McLaren Special Operations, has become known for doing truly outstanding bespoke work to already outstanding supercars. Its latest creation are these 10 570S coupes, designed and engineered with race car inspiration, specifically the 570S GT4, but are all fully street-legal. All 10 were commissioned by US McLaren dealer McLaren Newport Beach. From the initial idea to production took just eight months. All ten have been delivered to their likely very happy owners at a recent event held in Las Vegas.

So, what specifically makes these 570S coupes unique? The MSO X cars, as they are referred to, have been finished in accordance with race car design practice with liveries inspired by the McLaren F1 GTR endurance race cars from the mid-90s. Each one has a pylon-mounted rear wing that provides additional downforce as well as a fully functional "goose neck" carbon fiber roof snorkel. Of course, that snorkel provides some extra music inside. Other exterior race car bits include front dive planes, an MSO Titanium Super Sports Exhaust, Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires, and even a 570S GT4-inspired hood with unique air intakes. The entire body is covered in satin finish carbon fiber.

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Interior goodies include an exposed carbon fiber chassis, carbon shell bucket seats, exposed carbon fiber sill panels and a bespoke carbon fiber bulkhead that provides additional storage for a helmet. Heck, even the center tunnel has been eliminated to shave weight. Drivers and passengers are held firmly in place with six-point racing harnesses. Official pricing was not announced, but you know how it goes: If you have to ask, don't even consider placing a future order with these guys.