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100,000 People Register for BMW i3 Test Drives

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Who's laughing now? Certainly not BMW.

Say what you will about the BMW i3, that pure EV constructed from a ton of carbon fiber that looks like a cross between a bulldog and a bloated golf cart. It certainly has its share of fans and haters, but it's also the subject of a lot of interest. So far there have been a total of over 10,000 orders placed worldwide, and that number will continue to grow. If you think that number is big then get this: BMW is claiming that there's more than 100,000 people registered to take an i3 test drive.

Just in the UK alone there's a five month waiting list to take one out for a spin. BMW is currently scrambling to meet not only test drive but also production demand. The best case scenario for getting one into your garage is at least six months after the order is placed. An order for the range extender version won't be delivered until next June and the pure EV model won't arrive until around next October. Even the BMW i8 high-performance sports car is sold out for this year, and the waiting list is already full until 2015.

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