100-MPH Tesla Model 3 Crash Set Someone's Bedroom On Fire

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Yet the driver walked (ran) away from the wreck.

A crash is never something you want to see, but it's so much worse when it's on a public road and when it's caused by somebody who is being completely irresponsible. When the crash involves a Tesla, people who dislike the automaker are often very quick to look for faults on the manufacturer's part, but in the case of this Model 3, the blame lies squarely at the feet of the driver. Before we get into that, take a look at the photos below and just think about how lucky the driver was to be able to walk away from this wreck.

City of Corvallis Police Department
City of Corvallis Police Department
City of Corvallis Police Department

The crash occurred in Corvallis, Oregon, and the police department there had a lengthy statement to make about the severity of the crash:

"The damage from the collision caused the batteries from the Tesla to enter two different residences by breaking through the windows, one landing on a person's lap and the second landing on a bed, catching the bedding on fire. A tire was ripped from the car during the collision and struck the second story siding of a nearby apartment complex with such force that it ruptured the water pipes within the wall, destroying the bathroom to the apartment and flooding the downstairs portion of the apartment as well."

Cleaning up the battery cells and the rest of the debris took the police and the fire department almost three hours.

City of Corvallis Police Department
City of Corvallis Police Department

So was this some kind of Autopilot fail? No. In this case, the driver - who ran away from the scene, but was later found three blocks away with only minor injuries - was under the influence of marijuana. As a result, he was charged with DUI, Hit and Run, Reckless Driving, Criminal Mischief 2, and Reckless Endangering. This after he was doing over 100 mph before colliding with a utility pole, two trees, and finally, a telephone junction box. It seems that you can consider Teslas just as safe as their crash ratings suggest, but it also shines a light on how dangerous the aftermath can be for surrounding people and property.

2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Side View Driving Tesla
2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Front View Driving Tesla

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