1,000-HP Electric Porsche Rally Car Is More Than Just Fantasy

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The attention to detail is amazing.

Thanks to modern computer programs such as Photoshop, literally anyone can become a car designer. We've seen endless numbers of impressive digital renders in our time, but one can always tell if the person behind the render is a pro or an amateur. Take these awesome Porsche 911 rally renders by Hakosan Designs. These are some of the cleanest 3D designs we've seen in a long time, and the level of detail is top-notch. Let's not forget about the car itself: Hakosan has gone for the classic Porsche rally car concept. Porsche has been rich 911 rally racing history and has one of the coolest lineups of rally cars in the history of the sport. These rally monsters have traditionally been powered by flat-six engines, but Hakosan wanted to design something a bit more contemporary.

hakosan_design/Instagram hakosan_design/Instagram hakosan_design/Instagram hakosan_design/Instagram

Hakosan has introduced "Extreme E Technology" to the classic 1990's Porsche 993. Not only are these concept rally cars electric, but they have been restyled to look more contemporary, and we think it looks out of this world. The 993 shape is becoming more popular by the day, and the flared race-ready look of these cars is spot on. Hakosan knows this move could be controversial, but says in his Instagram post "it may be sacrilege, but why not?" We appreciate that attitude. After all, adapting to change and embracing contemporary and future technologies have helped Porsche achieve astonishing success in motorsport.

hakosan_design/Instagram hakosan_design/Instagram hakosan_design/Instagram hakosan_design/Instagram

Both the yellow and the white versions feature massively flared wheel arches, serious ground clearance, and off-road wheels and tires designed by Nikolay Ostanin that look like they could conquer any terrain. The classic rear wing remains in place on both examples, and we love the modern take on those hood-mounted spotlights. Hakosan says that these rally-bred Porsches have been designed "for any Super Off-Road Challenge" and claims that there's 1,000 horsepower tucked under the engine cover. Hakosan promises more pictures of these badass cars soon, and who knows? Maybe someone will consider these good enough to build.

The idea of Porsche entering the motorsport arena with its EVs is not a ridiculous thought at all. The Porsche Taycan recently outsold every ICE car in Norway, and the brand seems intent on delivering tons of new EVs in the near future while another VW Group brand, Audi, recently showed that electric power can be successful in hardcore racing.

hakosan_design/Instagram hakosan_design/Instagram hakosan_design/Instagram hakosan_design/Instagram

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