1,000 Preorders Have Already Been Made For BMW iX3


Not bad, considering they all came from a single country.

Norway is one of the top countries in the world for electric car sales. In fact, 52% of all cars sold in Norway are EVs, therefore, it should be no surprise that companies like Tesla thrive there. Even though Norway has the biggest percentage of EVs, Germany actually buys more of them and may buy even more now that companies like BMW and Mercedes-Benz are selling their own. Norway is still an important market for EVs, which is why BMW has already opened up pre-orders for its upcoming iX3 SUV.

According to InsideEVs, reservations have already begun in Norway for the iX3. For the equivalent of around $1,800, interested customers can place a refundable deposit for an iX3 when it goes into production in 2020. The iX3 is rumored to launch with a 70 kWh battery good for a 250-mile range.

Even though the car hasn't even been announced for production, InsideEVs reports that around 1,000 individuals have already placed preorders in less than two weeks. That is a pretty good number for the 5.2-million strong country considering it was the only market where this preorder was made available.

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Of course, 1,000 preorders is nowhere near the same amount that Tesla received for its Model 3. Tesla famously received over 200,000 preorders in less than 24 hours and is still fulfilling many of them today. Unfortunately, Tesla lost many of those preorders when it was not able to satisfy demand, and continues to leave customers waiting for the base $35,000 model.

i3 sales haven't been all BMW wanted them to be, and the 1,000 preorders for the iX3 should be an encouraging sign for the i Division as it seeks to sell more electric cars in the future.