11 All-New Mercedes Models Arriving by 2020

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In addition to 10 new hybrids.

If you thought that Mercedes-Benz's current lineup of 15 models consisting of 30 body styles was a lot to handle, you'd better prepare yourself for a larger-than-ever MB family in 2020. By that year, the company plans to add 11 all-new models to its current lineup, not to mention another 10 hybrids to be offered on existing models. The first new model will be introduced in Los Angeles in a few weeks: the uber-luxury, stretched wheelbase Mercedes S-Class, which will be badged as the Mercedes-Maybach.

Coming next, in 2015, is an even larger and more luxurious Mercedes-Maybach Pullman, featuring 18 more inches of luxury over the current S-Class. Later on, the company plans to narrow the gap between Mercedes-Benz-badged vehicles and their performance-oriented Mercedes-AMG brethren, offering cars like the upcoming C450 that will feature higher-output engines and sportier suspensions, similar to Audi's S vehicles. Also expect a rash of redesigned SUVs in 2015, coming with a new naming scheme: the next-generation GLK (now GLC), M-Class replacement (GLE and GLE-"Coupe") and GL replacement (the GLS). Stay tuned for more details as this plethora of new models is gradually introduced.

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