11-Year-Old Drops $5.9 Million At UAE License Plate Auction

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This kid must have one hell of a lemonade stand.

Normally when we see stories from the United Arab Emirates about license plate auctions they involve rich, grown men. That's not the case here. This story is about an 11-year-old boy who spent 22 million dirhams ($5.9 million USD) on three license plates at an auction in Abu Dhabi. Alumraba first broke the story of Abdullah, whose entire name is not known, and his winning bids. Thanks to Google Translate, and some help from a friend of the site who speaks Arabic, we know that the number plates purchased were 11, 7 and 1111.

In this video young Abdullah talks about the cars he will put the plates on, one being a Porsche and the other a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. Our friend of the site who translated the news report says that the kid, who isn't old enough to legally drive, plans to resell the plates at a later date.

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Of the three plates purchased, No. 7 was the most expensive at $13,400,000 dirhams ($3.6 million USD). The number seven reportedly had such a high price because it symbolized the seven city-states of the UAE…or something like that. The next most expensive plate was No. 11 at $6,000,150 dirhams ($1.6 million USD). No. 1111 was a relative bargain at only $1,000,800 dirhams ($272,496 USD). (We're not sure why the kid is holding plate No. 51 in this video.) We'd like to thank reader Abdulrahman Mohammed for tipping us to this story and friend of the site Hadar Akraee for translating the video. If you have any more info on this story, or if you want to submit a tip to us, shoot an email to media@carbuzz.com.

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