Street Race

1100HP Supra Battles 1000HP Camaros and a Bike

Almost 3,000 horsepower of cars comes up against a Nitrous-powered Kawasaki.

We’ve witnessed some pretty epic street duels thanks to 1320video, and the videographer’s latest effort involves a night battle between an 1,110-horsepower Toyota Supra packing an 88mm turbo, a 900-hp turbocharged Camaro, and a F1x Procharged 1,000hp Camaro. Also thrown into the mix is an awesome 200-hp Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R ably assisted by some Nitrous. The accelerations achieved by these monstrously modified vehicles would rival most hypercars on the planet.

Check them out in action and enjoy the sound of these things spinning hard.

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