1200-HP Bugatti-Beating VW Golf Absolutely Obliterates The Quartermile


Veyron for what?

If you like to call yourself a car guy and you haven't heard of Boba Motoring and it's absolutely mental turbocharged Golfs, then we must insist that you hand over your Man Card ASAP. The Mk2 Golf it built that goes by the name of Vampir has done the internet rounds for a while now thanks to it's 900-hp 1.8-liter 20-valve turbo lump and all-wheel drive setup. This black Mk2 is its second one, and as you'd expect, it makes more power and runs even faster. To drive the car there is but one requirement - balls of titanium.

The fully street-legal Golf is on a whole other level of insanity, and with no roll cage in play, if things go belly up, you'd need a spatula to scrape your bits up.

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The 2-door Golf is pretty neat, and from the exterior with it's street wheels represents the perfect example of the ultimate street sleeper. Under the hood it has a 1Z diesel block fitted with forged rods and pistons and a billet steel crankshaft. It's topped off with a highly modified KR cylinder head, a 3-inch throttle body, eight injectors and a GTX43 Extreme turbocharger. The 3.5-inch exhaust is responsible for that awesome soundtrack. A custom AWD setup and a 6-speed Don Octande dogleg gearbox makes up the transmission. The 64 pounds of boost gives it 1233 hp and 807 lb-ft of torque, almost incomprehensible power figures. It's new personal best is 8.69 seconds at 169.7 mph. That. Is. Insane.