122 Corvettes Destroyed By Kentucky Tornadoes

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The Bowling Green Assembly Plant took a big hit.

Recently, a tornado tore through Chevrolet's Bowling Green Assembly Plant where the C8 Corvette is assembled. As if Chevy didn't have enough trouble getting C8's to customers due to high demand.

The factory has resumed manufacturing, and priority will be given to cars that have already been assembled and were nearly on their way out the door. Chevrolet dealers will have to resubmit said orders. These orders will be moved to the front, meaning the customers won't be placed on a waiting list that stretches to 2025.

According to the Corvette Action Center, approximately 122 2022 C8s were damaged beyond repair. These cars will be scrapped.

Brian Mello/YouTube
Brian Mello/YouTube
Brian Mello/YouTube

The damage's full extent is unknown yet, and there might be more 'Vettes facing the scrapper.

The 122 figure is the number of units inside the factory at the time of the tornado. More units may have been parked outside, waiting to be shipped off to their new owners. We'd hate to be the person in charge of inspecting every Corvette, deciding whether it should be sent to the crusher or not.

Working on the 122 figure and using the base price of a Corvette (not including options), it's a loss of around $8.2 million. That figure is considerably more if there were a few Z06s in the mix.

The tornado also damaged the National Corvette Museum, which opened last year after a massive sinkhole swallowed eight pristine Corvettes.

According to reports, there was a fire as well, though it's not clear whether the fire was on top or at the back of the assembly plant. The cause of the fire has not been determined yet. Chevrolet has put in some serious effort to ensure Bowling Green resumes business as soon as possible.

GM employees from all over were called in to fix the damage shortly after the tornado, and a large chunk of workers will return today. The total workforce, around 1,200 people, will return to work on Thursday to continue building the C8 Corvette.

Brian Mello/YouTube
Brian Mello/YouTube
Brian Mello/YouTube
Source Credits: Corvette Action Center

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