$123,000 Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Is The Ultimate Restoration Project


We wouldn't take on this massive project but we know someone probably will.

The Lamborghini Diablo SE30 is a special car, no doubt about that. It was a hardcore and track-focused, yet still street-legal, version of the iconic '90s Lamborghini. In addition to being more powerful and lighter than the Diablo it was rarer, with only 150 units made. We found two Diablo SE30s for sale on Hemmings. One has 40,000 miles and will cost you $338,639. The other has around 6,000 on the clock and is on sale for $391,643. Then there's this eBay "barn find" available for the bargain basement price of £100,000 ($123,495).

We would normally talk about why the price is so cheap but in this case the pictures say it all. According to the seller this SE30 was purchased from a UAE prince almost 10 years ago as a restoration job. Many years and some lost parts later the seller has decided to let go of the Diablo and the spare parts acquired for it. Now you could just buy the car and parts outright, piecing it back together in what may be the ultimate labor of love. Or, alternatively, you could pay the seller to do the work for you. The pricing structure is a bit weird but it looks like £200,000 ($246,990) is all it will take to restore this thing back to its former glory.

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