12C Crashes Out of Supercar Rally

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No-one cares as driver destroys British supercar during the Gold Rush Rally.

Supercar rallies are awesome. But there's always the risk a wet European road or, in this case, an interstate in Texas will put a dampener on proceedings. The Gold Rush Rally recently passed through Texas as it makes its way from San Fran to Chicago, and while cruising (read: speeding) near Mt. Vernon, this McLaren 12C Spider driver bit off more than he can chew. Speaking to a local news reporter, the driver said a large truck pulled in front of him, forcing the supercar into a ditch and under a fence before going airborne and crashing into a Discount Storage unit.

The ticket he got for reckless driving simply added to the misery of seeing his $280k supercar totaled and his $14k entrance fee for the rally go down the toilet. Thankfully (for him) he has the means to buy another exotic and will doubtless be back on the road causing more mayhem.

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