13 Minutes Of Self-Driving Tesla Is A Comedy Of Errors

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Oakland, Ca. is a busy city, but it's not the busiest.

Unlike computer chips, there's never a shortage of Tesla news whether it's the rollout of Musk's latest "full-self driving" software that isn't really full self-driving, a fire in the Fremont plant or the blistering price of the latest Tesla Model S Plaid. Today we have 13 minutes of hands-free driving in Oakland, California where there are a lot of people, cars and scooters for the Tesla to find its way around.

If you keep your eyes on the navigation screen you can see some of what the Tesla's sensors are seeing including pedestrians, cars and trucks. The screen also features a notation for when FSD (full self-driving) is active, which means you can see when the driver takes over.

The system, as it should, gives wide berth to pedestrians and bicyclists, but it does so sometimes at the peril of the cars on the road, one time pointing towards oncoming traffic. This doesn't bode well for busier cities like New York. It also just glitches out sometimes and puts the vehicle in the wrong lane or tries to hit a curb. Additionally, sometimes it doesn't compute who has the right of way and waits tool long to cross traffic.

In fairness, the FSD Tesla does some pretty impressive things, navigating around double-parked cars to get into a turn lane, stopping at all of the red lights, staying in the proper lane when turning, but as we've seen, the system needs to be perfect 99 percent of the time.

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2021 Tesla Model S Plaid Driving Front Angle Tesla

Overall, we that pay attention know that Tesla is just offering "assisted driving" and nothing more. And as these guys note, every time they take over from full self-driving, the car pings Tesla to let the company know what happened. These drivers, from the AI Addict channel, and bunch more current owners, are doing the hard work of beta testing for Musk and Co.


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