1,300-HP BMW iM2 Will Have Radical Styling

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The rumored electric M2 is going to need styling as extreme as its performance.

BMW, as with most other automobile manufacturers, is focusing its future efforts on electrification. Cars need to get cleaner if we're going to save the planet, and although this may seem like bad news for exciting cars, offerings like the i4 can still be cool. Obviously, the i4 is nowhere near as attractive to gearheads as something like the M2 CS, but with the rumors we've come across of an electric M2, we hold out hope that the age of the EV will not be boring. One thing about electric cars that will certainly not be bland is their styling, so we decided to have a crack at designing the iM2 ourselves.


Based on leaked photos of the next BMW 2 Series, we've fitted the iM2 with those interesting new headlights and given the kidney grilles a flat backing since there's no engine to cool. However, there are small ducts on either end of the front fascia to cool things like the radiator, while vents in the hood can help extract any excess heat that the radiator may still retain. The wheels are smoothed-over and typical of an EV, while the door handles have been flushed for a cleaner look. The wing mirrors are narrow, antenna-like units for the same reason, and the fender badge has been deleted.

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If those recent rumors we alluded to at the outset prove to be true, the styling of the iM2 will be the smallest talking point of the car. According to these outlandish stories, the iM2 will have 1,000 kilowatts, or 1,341 horsepower. We're also told that the car would be capable of 0-62 mph in a scant 2.5 seconds and is also able to spin its wheels at speeds of up to 75 mph. This suggests a car that is a handful to drive and does not have M xDrive to maximize traction, but we'll wait for the truth to come out before we decide if this is a good idea or not. As a product of BMW M, there's not much interest in the styling - buyers have already started proving that looks don't matter to them by lapping up the new M4 - but if the car doesn't handle well, then its looks will mean nothing.

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