1,300-HP Diesel Chevy Pickup Runs 8s, Is Still Road Legal

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It'll eat the Ram 1500 TRX for breakfast.

Meet Burnie, a 1945 Chevy truck that received a new lease on life this year, to put it mildly. Over the last few months, the YouTube channel Berry's Builds has documented the engine swap for this truck and the resulting monstrous performance that could never have been envisioned when the original truck was built. To cut a long story short, the 5.9-liter Cummins diesel engine in this old truck received enough modifications to enable Burnie to attain an incredible 8.93-second quarter-mile run. That's quicker than the 9.24-second time achieved by Jay Leno in a Tesla Model S Plaid earlier this year.

Berry's Builds/YouTube Berry's Builds/YouTube Berry's Builds/YouTube

No new production truck comes close to Burnie, and that includes the Ram 1500 TRX that requires a comparatively tardy 12.9 seconds for the quarter-mile. The mastermind behind Burnie, Robert Berry, explains that the engine has an 88-millimeter Garrett GT55 turbocharger and a slew of other upgrades. Weighing in at just over 3,700 pounds and with around 1,300 horsepower, the ferocious truck recently managed an epic 8.93-second time at the Tulsa Raceway Park. When this epic run took place, diesel flew onto the windshield because of a problematic fuel pressure sensor, which prevented Berry from seeing properly and he was forced to brake before he reached the quarter-mile mark. Technically, this means it could've gone even quicker.

Berry's Builds/YouTube Berry's Builds/YouTube Berry's Builds/YouTube

Unsurprisingly, traction has been the main stumbling block in breaking below the nine-second barrier despite Hoosier drag slicks measuring 17 inches wide at the back, but Berry clearly made enough changes over the last few months to get around this.

The rat-rod rides on a full frame instead of a tube chassis and retains its original bed and cab. The exaggerated fenders are also original. Not only is it fast, but Burnie sounds pretty menacing and it's hard not to smile as great plumes of black smoke fly up from the upward-facing exhaust positioned just a few inches ahead of the split-windshield. Could it eventually become the quickest 2WD, street-legal diesel truck? We wouldn't bet against it.

Berry's Builds/YouTube Berry's Builds/YouTube
Source Credits: Driving Line

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