14-Yr-Old Shmee Wannabe Drives Daddy's 458 Italia

Hater’s gonna hate this supercar driving teenager.

The closest most teenagers will ever get to drive a Ferrari is on their Playstation or X-Box. Come to think of it, the closest most people will come to piloting a Prancing Horse is with a games controller. So whenever we see a kid get behind the wheel of one of the world’s most desirable exotics, we are immediately shot with feelings of admiration and jealousy. Granted this isn’t anywhere near as cool as the nine-year-old Indian boy who took a Ferrari F430 out for a spin, but it’s still an act worthy of respect.

The Shmee150 wannabe has kicked off his Youtube career in some style, taking daddy’s Ferrari 458 Italia for a drive on private land. And once he’s old enough to get a license, the supercar will doubtless help him lose his Branson in no time.

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