15 Cars That Dealerships Can't Keep In Stock Because Everyone Wants Them


Of course there are a few surprises on this list.

It's every automaker's dream to have at least one model in its lineup become a massive sales success. Ideally, dealerships won't be able to keep them in stock. Waiting lists will accrue. Dealer markups are very likely (despite automakers going on record saying they're against markups). So which specific 15 cars are selling so well they're sometimes out of stock? 24/7 Wall St. poured over data from Kelley's Blue Book to compile this list, based on the average number of days each car spends on the lot. Here they are, in descending order:


15. Audi Q3 (24.8 days) 14. Scion iA (24.5 ) 13. Subaru Legacy (24) 12. Audi TT (23.1) 11. Volvo XC90 (22.7) 10. Land Rover Range Rover Sport (22.4) 9. Porsche Macan (21.6) 8. Mercedes-Benz GLE (21.5) 7. Toyota 4Runner (20.8) 6. Mercedes-Benz Metris (20.2) 5. BMW i8 (19.3) 4. Mercedes-AMG GT (18.7) 3. Toyota Highlander (18.2) 2. Honda HR-V (17.7) 1. Subaru Outback (16)

Land Rover
Handout, Mercedes-Benz
Handout, Honda
Source Credits: 247wallst.com

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