15 Volvo S80s for Dutch Coronation

A national event of such magnitude as a royal coronation requires suitable transportation for the new king, the old queen and all their guests.

A royal coronation doesn’t happen every day. It requires a reigning monarch – of which there just aren’t that many anymore – to either die or abdicate the throne. But the Netherlands has just such a coronation happening today. As Queen Beatrix steps down from the throne, her son Willem-Alexander, the current Prince of Orange, is stepping up as the new king. Which is all well and fine, but it means the royal court will have a lot of guests to accommodate and transport.

That’s why Her (soon to be His) Majesty has contracted Volvo to provide a fleet of luxury sedans. The automaker from nearby Gothenburg, Sweden, responded by bringing a motorcade of fifteen new S80s to The Hague for the event.

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