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15 Year Old BMW Driver is an Outright Moron

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After smashing into one parked car, this young driver rammed into another one, and then fled the scene. Kids these days.

Dumb accidents like this don't happen often, but when they do the driver at fault for such a horrible display of basic maneuvering deserves to be ridiculed. So let the ridiculing begin. A 15 year girl from New Hartford, New York was driving in a mall parking lot the other day when she somehow managed to lose control of her BMW sedan while driving at an excessive rate of speed. She struck a Honda CRV that was driving in the same lot and then continued to drive forward.

The girl then struck the rear end of a parked pickup, but the force of impact was so hard that her BMW went underneath the truck, which was lifted into the air. This collision also damaged three other parked cars, but the story gets even better. Our young BMW driver friend and her passenger then jumped out of the car and ran into the mall and made their way to a local bus. Yes, they actually attempted to flee the scene. Security quickly caught up with them and stopped the bus. Juvenile charges may be filed later, not to mention the mountain of insurance paperwork that lies ahead.

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