15-Year-Old Football Player Crashes His Just-New Aston Martin DB9 in Russia; Flees The Scene

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Driving without a license is bad enough. Crashing without one is a whole new level of pain.

We're not sure what's more shocking, the fact a 15-year-old kid was able to buy an Aston Martin DB9, or that he managed to wreck it just three days after getting the keys. Identified as Konsantin P., the teenager is apparently a goalkeeper for Zenith-84 and is reported to have paid cash for the car on New Year's Eve. Given his age, obviously he was driving without a license, which is why after crashing into a VW Touareg in the center of St. Petersburg, he fled the scene.

However, he has since spoken to local media to give his side of the story. "Before leaving the intersection I looked around," said Konstantin. "There was no one. Suddenly, out of nowhere, on the right side of my side flew a Volkswagen Tiguan. My speed was low - about 40-50 km/h [25-30mph], but he was going around 80 km/h [50mph]." The Aston looks to be in pretty bad shape, but the driver is facing a whole world of trouble.

Source Credits: sport.fakt.pl

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