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15 Year Old NYC Girl Mastering Radical SR3

Hot-lapping teenage girl is a natural-born racer.

As the daughter of the president of Monticello Motor Club, a private racetrack a short drive away from Manhattan, there was always a chance that 15-year-old Aurora Straus would be born with the gearhead gene. But even papa Ari couldn’t have imagined his teenage offspring would be racing (yes racing) Spec Miatas and Boxsters while still at high school. Naturally, he's very proud of Aurora, and recently posted this video of the gifted racer in a Radical SR3 track toy holding a perfect racing line as she runs to almost 10,000 revs and over 100 mph.

Watch as she effortlessly follows club pro Corey Lewis around the tricky Monticello circuit. Is Aurora Straus destined for Nascar? Danica Patrick you have been warned: there’s a new hot-lapping girl in town.

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