150 Brand-New Chrysler Neons Up For Sale in Singapore

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150 old-new 1997 Chrysler Neons have just been found in Singapore. And they're being sold for next to nothing.

Every now and then, a barn find can really turn out to be a hidden treasure. While this isn't always the case, some extremely interesting things have been found over the years. And now, a large stock pile of old-new 1997 Chrysler Neons have been found in storage in Singapore. No one is sure exactly why the 150 Neons were stored for this long, but none of the right-hand drive cars have been driven by anyone. In fact, they literally have zero miles on the odometers.

Right now they're being sold in Singapore by Arete Trading Pte Ltd. How and why they turned up now is still a mystery, but judging by the dust gathered on them, it seems they've been sitting for quite some time. Supposedly each car has a spare tire, but no stereo system. And in case anyone is wondering, the Neon was sold as a Chrysler in right-hand drive markets. In the U.S., it was sold as either a Dodge or a Plymouth. So how much does each one cost? A mere $1,350. So if anyone is interested, better hop on a flight to Singapore now.

Source Credits: www.motorauthority.com

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