1500-HP Dodge Viper Breaks Quarter-Mile World Record

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Well that was pretty damn quick.

We'll always have a soft spot for the Dodge Viper, it's a true red-blooded American icon that's been loved by the masses since it's futuristic styling and massive V10 motor first appeared back in 1992. Yes, it's that old, and while it's on to the fifth generation now the essence of it is the same and the styling hasn't changed too much like other cars from other manufacturers. It's always had a V10 powerplant that started off at 400 hp and now the current ACR is at 645 hp.

That's enough power to get the ACR 13 track records, but for some, like Nth Motor, that's nowhere near enough power, so a pair of turbos were slapped on.

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The Nth Motor guys already have the fastest Gen 5 Viper over the half mile with a recorded speed of 200.5 mph. That car was reported to make 1500 horsepower, which we totally believe. This latest car is also a Gen 5 Viper but it's not blue, instead this badass car is completely blacked out. We're not sure if it's the same car, because this too makes over 1500 hp and hauls ass on a rather epic scale. The car obliterated the quarter mile to become the world's fastest Gen 5 over that distance. On only the car's third time on the track, it posted an absolutely mental time of 8.445 seconds with a trap speed of 171.01 mph. Deep into the 8s on the third run merely means the car could dip even deeper in the next few events.

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