1,500-HP Stingray Is Officially The World's Quickest Corvette C8

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The twin-turbocharged sports car crossed the quarter-mile in a mere 8.835 seconds.

With 490 horsepower at its disposal and a claimed 0 to 60 mph time of around three seconds, the $64,500 Corvette C8 is one of the cheapest ways to experience supercar performance. It's a seriously impressive machine - even Christian von Koenigsegg is bowled by GM's sports car.

But what if you want more from your mid-engined rocket? Well, you should look to Late Model Racecraft for inspiration, a tuning company that possesses the world's quickest Corvette C8. With owner Steven Fereday at the helm, the Corvette blitzed the quarter mile in 8.957 seconds, at a speed of 159.80 mph.

Late Model Racecraft/YouTube

The previous record was held by FuelTech's Corvette C8, which achieved a quarter-mile time of 8.973 seconds at 160.9 mph. But not long after that, Fereday broke his record. Lined up on Houston Raceway Park's strip, the front wheel-popping Chevy hurtled itself towards the quarter mile in a neck-snapping 8.835 seconds at 160.19 mph.

As you may have guessed, this isn't your average Corvette C8 Stingray. Thanks to a custom tuning package, twin turbochargers, and several other modifications. Fereday notes the extensive changes forced him to utilize a standalone fuel cell, housed at the front, along with a second set of injectors on the intake manifold.

Late Model Racecraft/YouTube

He admits tuning the LT2 engine came with some challenges. "It is very similar to the LT1 when it comes to the pistons. [They] are not boost-friendly. They can handle [between] eight and 10 pounds of boost, but anything over that, the pistons are not strong enough to hold the boost."

The solution was to fit the Stingray with forged pistons and rods. Other revisions include upgraded CV axles and a specialist clutch for the transmission. Remarkably, this drag strip-destroying Corvette is used for daily driving activities, with Fereday noting it is, essentially, a test bed for a future Corvette upgrade package.

Late Model Racecraft/YouTube

For everyday driving, the Corvette wears 20-inch wheels. But, come the weekend, the road-going items are replaced with 18-inch wheels with drag radials. As seen on the record-breaking run, Fereday's Chevy also has specially designed 15-inch wheels that provide the grip needed for sub-nine-second runs.

If only the Corvette was built as quickly as it can accelerate. The Corvette is no stranger to delays, and GM has recently stopped production due to a parts shortage. Currently, the Bowling Green facility is sitting idle as C8 orders continue to pile up and waiting owners grow increasingly frustrated.

Late Model Racecraft/YouTube

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