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150,000 Jeep And Dodge Models Recalled For Dodgy Brakes

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Thankfully, most are sitting on lots.

If there's one area of a car you don't want to fail, it's the brakes. If a car isn't able to stop, well, the results can be catastrophic. We've seen a couple of recalls due to faulty brakes recently from Toyota as well as Ferrari. Now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is recalling an estimated 154,337 vehicles in the US for a possible braking issue.

The recall affects 2018 Dodge Journeys, 2019 Jeep Cherokees, 2018-2019 Dodge Grand Caravans, and 2018-2019 Jeep Compasses, most of which were built in spring 2018. Seeing as the cars are so new, many are still sitting at dealerships and can be repaired easily. FCA discovered that "certain shipments of a supplied brake-system component had not been manufactured to specification and were inadvertently installed on vehicles during spring 2018."

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In vehicles with low mileage, the components could cause air bubbles, which could increase stopping distances. FCA specified that the brakes will still work, but stopping distance could be reduced. The recall is expected to begin on September 28 and FCA will inspect and bleed the brakes to ensure that they function properly. In addition to the154,337 vehicles in the US, the recall affects 19,066 units in Canada, 900 in Mexico, and 35,500 in other markets.