150th BAC Mono Extreme Single-Seat Supercar Looks Amazing

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Few cars have been built at a slower pace, underlining how special the Mono is.

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is closing out 2022 on a high with the landmark delivery of its 150th single-seater supercar, the Mono. 150 cars may not sound like much, but BAC plays in a niche space, its cars are works of art, and it's a relatively small company, so this is a great achievement. Bugatti also manufactures the Chiron at an incredibly slow pace because special cars deserve special attention.

The 150th car is the even quicker Mono R model that was commissioned by a Belgian financier who got to partake in the design process of his car. It comes over three years since the company's 100th car rolled off the production line in Liverpool. Like other Monos, the R is capable of supercar performance with a fraction of the power simply because it is phenomenally light.


"Delivering the 150th Mono represents a highly significant milestone in our history," commented Neill Briggs, BAC co-founder and Director of Product Development. "It is fitting that Mono #150 is an R, which represents the pinnacle of our engineering expertise. Seeing the car roll out of the door of our factory in Liverpool in such an exquisite specification was a very special moment for everyone at BAC."

The Mono's production goes all the way back to 2011, and the Mono R was introduced almost a decade later in 2019. Delivering 342 horsepower from its 2.5-liter Mountune four-cylinder engine, the Mono R set a record for the highest specific output ever for a naturally-aspirated, road-legal car at 138 hp per liter.


The dry weight of the Mono R is a ludicrous 1,223 pounds. Even though this varies according to options, that figure is still roughly half that of the curb weight of a Mazda MX-5 Miata when the roadster is equipped with an automatic. The Mono R became the fastest car that Evo Magazine ever tested around the Angelsey Circuit in North West Wales, claiming the record from the standard Mono. It was even more than two seconds quicker than the third-place McLaren p1 GTR, a track-only car that ran on slicks.

This 150th car is a one-of-a-kind design like all Monos and sports a livery titled "Man In The (Satin) Mirror." It has digital metallic Satin Liquid Silver paint and Highlighter Yellow details applied to the airbox, wing mirrors, rear wing, diffuser tips, and more. It took three days for a member of the design team to carefully mask the car by hand to make sure that the painted elements had the highest possible quality finish.


The car's new owner fully immersed himself in the BAC Bespoke Program, and he drew inspiration from sci-fi curation for this special model. "With the main body finished in bespoke Satin Liquid Silver Metallic and the lower body in exposed matter carbon fiber, the 'Man in the (Satin) Mirror' livery represents one of the most visually arresting creations ever to leave our Liverpool factory and stands as a very fitting tribute to mark our 150th model milestone," said BAC Bespoke Specialist, Daniel Youd.

Carbon hybrid wheels, the number R29 embedded in the center main beam light surround to mark this as the 29th Mono R, and a made-to-measure carbon steering wheel were other unique touches. Yes, even the steering wheel was measured to perfectly match its driver, Julien Begasse de Dhaem. The cabin also features contrast silver stitching and carbon side panels with the R logo.

Launched in 2009, BAC is rapidly scaling its global operations. In 2022, it added a retail network in Germany, Malaysia, and Singapore. The company now exports the Mono to 48 territories, including America, but promises that more exciting announcements are coming in 2023.


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