156,000 Mazdas Have Been Added To The Takata Airbag Recall

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Better now than never, right?

The Takata airbag recall has affected nearly every major automaker over the past few years and it doesn't appear the recalls are about to end. The latest example affects Mazda, which has just issued a recall for an additional 156,000 vehicles that need to have their airbags replaced. The models involved are the 2010-2013 Mazda6 sedan, 2010-2012 CX-7 crossover, 2010-2015-CX-9 crossover, and the 2011 Mazda RX-8.

However, this recall does not affect the driver's side airbag but rather the passenger-side airbags. Once again, the inflators may explode following a crash, which could send bits of metal into the occupants, potentially leading to serious injury and even death.


It's important to note that the recall only applies to cars sold or registered in certain US states, specifically those with humid and warm climates. However, some of the recalled vehicles are for all 50 states. At the moment, Mazda is busy notifying its dealerships about the recall and making sure they will have the necessary replacement airbag components, which will be replaced at no charge to customers. Mazda says it will begin notifying affected owners by mail in the middle of next month.

As of this writing and latest recall, the Takata airbag recall scandal includes about 40 million vehicles globally. Unfortunately, and as this latest recall proves, that figure is expected to increase. Automakers have rightly been taking this recall very seriously and are urging their customers to do the same. For example, Ford was offering dealerships a $1,000 bonus for each 2006 model year Ranger pickup truck they locate and fix. These trucks were issued a do not drive order but owners either didn't take it seriously or simply didn't know about it, hence Ford asking its dealerships for help.


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