16 New Land Rovers by 2020

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Jaguar Land Rover has ambitious plans for expansion, including a whole raft of new SUVs to cater to the luxury, leisure and utility markets.

Land Rover's design director Gerry McGovern has revealed an ambitious plan to expand the company's three model families over the next seven years in order to take full advantage of what is has identified as the main areas of the thriving SUV market: luxury, leisure, and utility. According to the report from Autocar, additional models for the Range Rover lineup, a new family of Defenders and no less than four new Freelander SUVs are all on Land Rover's extensive to-do list.

An Evoque XL, slotting in between the Evoque and new Range Rover Sport, a convertible Evoque, and a 4-meter-long baby three-door Range Rover will take the luxury sub-brand up to six models as part of a "holistic approach" to the British marque's expanding range. Land Rover's "leisure" lineup, meanwhile, will boast at least five new models, including an entry-level Freelander (LR2) similar in size to the Evoque, as well as five- and seven-seat versions and a range-topping Discovery LR4. The Discovery will form the flagship model of Land Rover's core range, switching to an aluminum platform to rival BMW's X5.

For the "utility" segment, early indications suggest that the DC100 concept is heading for production. Land Rover's plans for the Defender replacement include a two-door model, five- and seven-seat versions and a crew-crab pickup. Jaguar Land Rover boss Ralph Speth has pledged £2 billion a year to fund 40 new JLR product launches over the next five years, with the £10 billion investment going towards at least one new platform and increased capacity in the UK and China, JLR's two largest markets.

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