1,600-HP Buick Grand National Is Top-Rank Sleeper Classic

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Illinois-based Roadster Shop worked on keeping the exterior as conservative as possible.

The Buick Regal Grand National is one of those cars we wish could make a comeback. Far from the Enclave crossovers that the brand currently sells, we think this nameplate can make Buick great again.

AutotopiaLA presenter Shawn has visited Illinois and met with Jeremy Gerber to check out a one-of-a-kindGrand National. Gerber's Roadster Shop understood the turbo V6 was a staple for the Regal Grand National, but it knew an LS swap just had to be done.

Under the hood was a twin-turbocharged V8 LS7 engine worked on by Wagner Motorsport, which, on the dyno, claimed to make as much as 1,600 horsepower. The 427 was connected to a Bowler 4L80E transmission with a manual valve body and a nine-inch rear axle.

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Handling all that monstrous power was the shop's very own Fast Track IRS chassis, mounted with 18" x 19" custom wheels in 295/35R18 Michelin Pilot Sport tires for the front and 345/30R19 Nitto NT555 tires for the rear. Parts like Fox coil-shock absorbers and Baer six-piston brake calipers were also on the equipment list.

The power unit may be out of character, but the design stayed true to purists' delight. Although, the shop added a few tweaks to its likings, including front lower spoilers, slightly wider wheel flares, and a slightly larger 3D-printed spoiler.

Inside, the layout still looked familiar except for the roll cage. However, the entire dash was reworked by hand, while the door panels had 3D-printed components. Even the Recaro seats were modified to look as stock as possible.

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What wasn't stock was the center console and gauge cluster. The former got a lightning rod shifter system and featured a retro-styled digital display. A center stack screen was also installed, capable of controlling every car function, such as the A/C system, launch control, and traction control.

This Grand National can run two ways - mildly with a 1,100-hp tune or aggressively with the aforementioned 1,600-hp tune. The presenter was delighted to give it a whirl as it joined the 2,000-hp twin-turbo Chevrolet Bubble Top Impala as the cars he drove with at least 1,500 horses.

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