17 Reasons To Make Godzilla Your Screensaver


The Nissan GT-R never looked so good.

The Nissan GT-R was the car that marked John Zhang's transition from amateur to professional photographer. He'd never shot someone else's car before this, but once he did the craving to combine his passion for photography and cars into a career took hold. Better known as 1013MM, the LA-based freelance automotive photographer has since worked for clients including BMW, Land Rover and Pirelli. Check out his impressive collection of work here.

As we continue to showcase the best automotive photographers in the business today, our focus on the evolution of the GT-R this week made 1013MM the obvious next candidate to showcase both his skills and Godzilla portfolio. Enjoy these awesome shots, and in case you're wondering where the alphanumeric name comes from, the number part refers to his birthday and the MM stands for the focal length measurement of camera lenses. By his own admission, John is rarely without a camera and normally its pointing at a car. Keep up to date with his latest work on Facebook and Instagram.

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