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17-Year-Old Blows Us Away With Ferrari 458 GTO Project


Something for Marchionne to think about.

Thinking that Ferrari should mark 30 years of the iconic 288 GTO with a limited edition model and creating an entire brochure with detailed specs and images dedicated to that idea are two totally different things. Anyone can undertake the first task, while the second requires a very special talent. Dubbed the Ferrari 458 GTO, 17-year-old car enthusiast Steve Morfouasse has sent us in his vision of a 30th anniversary model based on the 458 Italia and we think its awesome.

Complete with a 14-page brochure the French teenager spent over 200 hours working on, the 458 GTO would be limited to 472 units, 200 more than Ferrari made of the 288 GTO. Power comes from a 700-hp twin-turbo 4.5-liter V8 mated to an F1 Superfast 2 transmission helping the car to hit 62 mph in 2.6 seconds en route to a 208 mph top speed. Design nods to the 288 GTO include rear side vents and chrome front grille, while other unique touches include a titanium exhaust, carbon-fiber hood and rear diffuser. So detailed is this project the car even comes with a price: 274,458 Euros. And according to Steve, renowned Ferrari collector Jean-Pierre Slavic has already given the 458 GTO his personal approval. All that’s left is for Ferrari to build it.

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