17-Year-Old Flips Rare Verde Scandal Aventador onto Roof

It doesn’t take a genius to realize teenagers should steer well clear of supercars.

Another day, another supercar crash, this time at the hands of a highly inexperienced teenager who managed to flip his Verde Scandal Lamborghini Aventador onto its roof. It’s currently unclear what caused the accident, but according to the driver’s friend, the supercar went airborne for three seconds before landing upside down with the front-right wheel ending up about 100 meters away. Both occupants escaped the crash without a scratch, but the poor Lambo looks ready for the scrap heap, after clocking less than 500 miles.

We hate it when supercars are cut off in their prime. In case you were wondering what the gorgeous green Aventador looked like when in peak condition check out the following video of it cruising in San Fran during more happy days. Hat Tip to sookhoobrian!

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