174-Car Barn Find Only Worth $1.4 Million

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The cheapest car costs just $139.

In late August, we reported on one of the most bizarre barn finds in recent history. Usually, a barn find is one valuable car discovered after decades of neglect, but in this case, it turned out to be 174 cars.

According to the video you can view below, the original tally was 175 cars, but the official count is down to 174. London Barn Finds got involved after the discovery and is now handling the situation.

As we noted in the original article, there don't appear to be any absurdly valuable cars in this collection. Most have little to no service history, and some of the claims don't add up. Like the 964 911 listed as a 1973 model, when production only started in '89.

The original video claims that all the cars were driven there on their own power, basically left to rot. There were so many questions, and now we have some answers.

The warehouse containing the cars is located in Tottenham, North London. The cars were discovered because the local council is claiming the warehouse back from the owner of the cars.

Why are the cars in such bad condition? It seems like some kind of hoarder situation, but instead of pizza boxes and newspapers, this guy collected cars. And while his intentions of keeping them safe and in good shape were noble, he failed to carry through. Most cars are in a pretty bad state and will require a costly overhaul to get back to prime condition. The owner left the team at London Barn Finds with cars that have not been road legal for decades, but at least they also got 15 boxes worth of paperwork. Imagine being the poor guy having to sift through all of that.

That's likely why the entire collection has been valued at $1.4 million. That means the average price of each car is just over $8,000. To put that in perspective, a Lamborghini Miura barn find from 2019 sold for $1.59 million. One car worth more than this entire eclectic collection, and worth a lot more than a brand-new Huracan Evo.

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The collection itself is quite eccentric and doesn't seem to have a theme. There's a selection of classic Minis, Volkswagen Beetles, Land Rovers, MGs, and a few Mercs.

A few cars have already been sold, while the rest will be auctioned on eBay in the coming days. The most expensive car in the lot is a 1960 MG MGA valued at $35,000, while the cheapest is a 2000 Citroen Berlingo, going for a hefty $139. The latter is a French van, in case you were wondering.

We're not 100% sure whether the bird poop will be included for free. For the latest video of the collection, check out the Instagram post below.

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