179 MPH In An Alfa Romeo Giulia QV On The Autobahn Looks Terrifying

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Terrifying in a good way.

The autobahn is the gift that keeps on giving. A few weeks ago we saw footage of the new Acura NSX doing 192 mph on it. Now we have this video, which is admittedly almost a month old, of an Alfa Romeo Giulia QV racing to 289 kph (179 mph) on ze autobahn. What's even better is that the person in this video is driving the manual QV, as in the model we won't be getting in the United States. Doing 179 mph on a closed track takes some stones. But doing the same thing during a light rain on a kinda-sorta-bumpy public road?

Well that takes real courage, or a complete disregard for your own life and the lives of others around you. Let's go with the former because that sounds better.

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Unlike the power sedans from Germany, Alfa did not install a speed governor on the Giulia QV. Its top speed is 191 mph, or 307 kph if you will. It should only be a matter of time before video of the most badass Alfa around doing 191 mph on the 'bahn surfaces, if it hasn't already.

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