$18,000 Ariel Atom Racing Simulator is the Ultimate Boys’ Toy


The most fun you can have with your clothes on comes at a pretty hefty price.

Designed, developed and manufactured with the makers of the bat-crazy Ariel Atom, the Motion Simulation TL1 racing simulator represents the ultimate car enthusiast gadget. Recently launched at the 2012 Gadget Show, the simulator features the world's first 180-degree spherical projector screen connected to a cockpit with a variable driving position to ensure a full immersive experience, which is further enhanced by graphics and driving dynamics that are uncannily realistic.

The creators say due to "running the best simulation software titles that include laser-scanned racing circuits, accurate to within 2mm, the Motion Simulation TL1 replicates the full driving experience, down to every bump in the road."

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Shaped like a racing helmet, the TL1 is 1985mm high, 2708mm wide and 2355mm deep, and available in red, green, orange, blue, silver and white. Priced att £11,500, you could buy a brand new small car. But what's the fun in that?